Create profitable LinkedIn ads without wasting budget.

How to create profitable LinkedIn ads using the O.M.A framework. 

Getting LinkedIn Ads to works is hard due to its high costs. 

In this exclusive webinar, I'll show you the 3 most common pitfalls you are making, how to spot high-value opportunities, and strategically target your most valuable prospects.


What we'll cover in this webinar




3 common LinkedIn misconceptions

3 ways to fix your campaigns

LinkedIn Retargeting Hacking

One of them? You can't generate leads from LinkedIn. Let's prove everybody wrong. 

Have you heard about the O.M.A framework? If not, this is the biggest mistake you are probably making.

What's a webinar without something actionable? Learn how to set up this retargeting hack within 15 minutes.

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect.

See why the O.M.A (Dutch for Grandma) strategy is what you need to understand before running LinkedIn Ads.

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Hi there, I am Ricardo Ghekiere

Currently, I am working as the Head of Paid Social at a performance agency based in the heart of Belgium named Upthrust. Together with 43+ Digital Performance Geeks, we run ads, a lot of ads. 

Having worked with more than 100+ different companies on LinkedIn Ads, I have made a bunch of mistakes. 

Mistakes I want to make sure you avoid when running your next campaigns. 

Fix your LinkedIn Ads without 

wasting your entire budget.

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